Sports - For Men ONLY Essay

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Sports - For Men ONLY

Many people have the stereotype that males are more aggressive than females. How a person develops this belief is one aspect of the research that I will study. It may be because it is only politically correct to be so. Since this is true, it is also believed that men prefer to enjoy aggressive athletics more than women do. I am a huge fan of almost any type of team sport. You name it, I probably enjoy it. I am not sure why this is true. It could simply be because I’m a guy, or because I was raised watching sports or because I played high school athletics for a year. This is why I decided to choose this interesting topic. I wanted to know if it is true that men enjoy watching physical team sports than
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I asked if the person watched sports with other people to determine if they just watched sports in order to be social with others or not. I also asked if they participated in athletics in high school to find out if they were brought up to enjoy sports or they just developed a liking for them. A final interview was administered to further my studies and conclude why I obtained the results I did. The results of these methods can be reviewed over the next few pages.

A controlled setup was used to find out specific information about the correlation between gender and sports entertainment. I brought together a group of IUP students to observe their individual enjoyment. On February 16 I brought together five males and four females to watch a basketball game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets. Unaware of my study, friends got together (in a social setting) to have a good time and enjoy a game. A 76ers game was chosen since there are many students from Philadelphia in the area (male and female). I was curious to see if the females watched even more since their hometown team was be televised. I used this case study to conclude whether either of the genders just watched sports to be social or to actually enjoy what was on.

I also watched television over a period of a few days to observe the commercials and how they are used. I watched at different times in order to get a full

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