Essay on Should People Eat Horses?

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There are three cases of toxoplasmosis, parasites that can infect almost all warm-blooded animals. The first patient died of a primary infection, while the other two were pregnant at the time, one who was closer to delivery, was able to have her baby, while the other was forced to terminate her pregnancy and still experienced further complications. All three patients were encouraged to eat raw horsemeat to promote good health. If one wishes to eat horse meat safely, it is recommended to heat to an internal temperature of about 150 degrees fahrenheit, combined with deep freezing for three days prior to cooking. Parasites are not the end of the trouble involved in consuming horse meat. Many horses in the racing industry are given drugs …show more content…
With proper precautions slaughter can be humane; by euthanizing, rather than slaughtering, the environment is polluted and horsemeat, a valuable resource in some countries, is wasted. Also, by making slaughter legal in the United States, the slaughter process becomes one step shorter. With slaughterhouses in the United States, horses would not have to be shipped all the way into Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered. This would make the process more humane for horses and also bring jobs and revenue into more rural areas in the United States. Another pro for horse slaughter is when prepared properly, horse meat is healthier, and in some people’s opinions, tastes better than beef. It is low in fat and most horses have been living off of pasture for most of their life resulting in an even leaner cut of meat than beef. By providing horses with a humane ending that would otherwise be caused by starvation or neglect, providing jobs and income to Americans, and a healthy and tasty substitute to beef, horse slaughter can in many ways be a better ending for horses than they otherwise would receive.
Clearly, while horse slaughter is not bad throughout, it is necessary to understand that horse slaughter is not justifiable as a horse is being viewed as a companion animal, the slaughter process is inhumane, and there are still health risks for humans. Yes, there is an

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