Gender Differences And Food Choices

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Gender differences, men versus women: food choices have become an important topic that we should look more into. Having a great idea of how we as humans eat as a whole could save many lives from many aspects; obesity, insecurities, unhealthy body and etc. if we could get everyone on the same page creating better habits, together we could make a big difference.
Demographic and Socioeconomic are important factors that influences food choices. With a little research, according to the article “Unhealthy eating habits begin as early as Infancy; formula feeding, junk food should be avoided at all costs”, by Samantha Olson: “Researchers analyzed the eating patterns of 1,555 infants between 6 and 12 months old, and found foreshadowing in what their
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On the other end, parents in higher income brackets with good educations followed the dietary guidelines provided by their doctors.” (Olson) the earlier children are exposed to unhealthy foods, the more likely they will be plagued with dangerous life-long health problems. Again people with high socioeconomic status (SES) are more likely to have healthier food habits, whereas people with low SES have dietary profiles less consistent with nutritional recommendations or dietary guidelines, hence contributing to their poorer health status. Therefore, both social inequity and diet quality, reflected by healthy dietary behaviors are areas of active public health concern. (Nelson and Smith) Income obviously is a big factor to why people eat the way they eat without caring if it is healthy or not. There are people out there who may want to eat healthy and have a good nutrition but can’t. Eating healthy cost more than it does to eat the foods that satisfy you, fills you up and are very convenient. Personally I did not grow up in a wealthy home, so eating healthy was not really an option. One reason being my mom worked 2 jobs, she definitely did not have time to go to farmers markets and places like that. Two, I …show more content…
There are so many foods out there that are just so good and truly hard to resist. Poor nutrition can cause stress, risk of illness, tiredness and your magnitude to work and other health problems such as: high blood pressure, depression, eating disorder, obesity and etc. this is why it is so encouraged to eat healthy and have a good nutrition. Recognition of eating disorders, through magazines, articles and television programs may educate people about the danger of harming food, and may help to make sufferers oblivious that they have a problem and they are not alone. How can the media change the way it advertises food products? Not only to help change food choices, but to encourage equality that anyone can eat whatever they choose, without the risk of being judged and humiliated. Also the truth about each product whether or not it is good for the body or not. Providing consumers with facts about the harm of the products, where they are derived from and etc. would make a lot of people second guess the next time they choose to eat something. A good example would be the food pork. A lot of people have stopped eating pork, if they have seen the explicit film or videos on how pork is processed and made. Another idea would be, to feature the product with the gender that will show the opposite of what we are used to seeing. For instance, the yogurt commercials should star men and incorporate women into it and likewise with the

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