Shopping Tendencies of Men and Women Essay

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Shopping Tendencies of Men and Women

One of my friends called me asking to pick her up from the store where she was shopping. When I found her inside the store and asked what happened to her, she came up with a story. Her husband and she decided to take one car to do the shopping and arrange some other business in the bank. Her husband came up with a plan that he will drop her in the store and drive to the bank while she will be shopping. They decided that he would pick her up when he will be done with the bank. But an hour later, when he came and found that she was not done with her shopping list yet, he became angry; moreover, his wife had in her shopping cart a set of glasses that were not on her shopping list. After a tirade that
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With a little doubt that his size might be changed, he grabs a pair of pants or better two to be sure that with additional pair of jeans he could avoid or postpone his next visit to the cloth section. More likely, he will seize a shirt that probably matches his new pants on his way to the register. As a result, he is done shopping in ten minutes.

In contrast, women act in completely different way. One of my female friends says,”When I go to any store, I usually spend a lot of time there. I like to go through all sections of the store because I have to take care about most of needs of my husband and children. Also, there might be some things on sale that I need. Especially, I love to spend time in the women cloth’s sections, look through the new models of cloth from Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dona Karen, or Giorgio Armani. I love to try on new things, combining different designs, colors and styles. Yes, I have spent a lot of time doing it, but I got an excellent wardrobe and developed my own fashion style.”

Woman likes to walk between aisles of cloths, picturing herself or her children in those new cute dresses and costumes. She needs to touch material, feel its silky-smooth or velvet-soft fabric, if you want, smell it and rub against her cheek before she would buy anything.

For instance, my husband and I decided to buy a new digital camcorder a few months ago. He without hesitation went to his computer, opened a few web sites, such

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