Reducing Gun Violence Essay

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Gun violence has reached an all-time high. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, widespread concern forced legislators to take a second look at our gun laws. When twenty children and six educators were gunned down, many citizens were outraged and begged authorities to pass more stringent gun laws because with fewer guns, there could possibly be fewer incidents involving gun violence. Many people believe that the widespread availability of guns is making society unsafe. Each year, nearly 100,000 Americans are shot, 32,000 of them die, 47 children are shot every day, and eight of them die, according to the U.S. News Digital Weekly. In order to solve this problem, more stringent background checks should be required …show more content…
If the background checks were enforced, many deaths could’ve been averted.
Zarych’s article on “The Current State of New Jersey’s Gun Laws” says that New Jersey’s laws are stringent regarding the legal trafficking of firearms, but at the same time, residents are allowed to purchase only handguns and use weapons that can no longer be fired. Also,’s article “New Jersey’s Gun Laws Ranked Third Strictest in the Nation”, states that New Jersey has the third strictest gun laws in the nation, along with a 5th lowest rate of death inflicted by the use of a gun. However, the centerpiece of the gun laws were revoked by Gov. Chris Christie, which could’ve included instant background checks along with a restriction of purchasing rifles with .50 caliber ammunition. According to’s article on the 2013 NJ Gun Laws, gun magazines over fifteen rounds are prohibited.’s article on gun shows states that New Jersey unfortunately requires a background check for only handgun purchases. A loophole at gun shows allows private owners to sell their weapons without the requirements of a background check. More restrictions should be enforced on the sale of guns at gun shows. In the Atlantic Monthly, D. Goldberg offered a plan to reduce the chances of gun violence in his article, “The Case for More Guns

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