Essay about Protect Yourself from Internet Crime

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Protect Yourself from Internet Crime

Internet crime is very prevalent in our society of computers and electronics. Young children are being stalked through email and chat programs, users of all age are being harassed, young children are being involved with pornography in ways they never should be, and copyrights are being broken by media download programs such as the early Napster. With an increasing number of these crimes being committed we, as Internet users need to crack down on these cyber criminals. There are plenty of ways to avoid these crimes, most involving common sense and a little caution. However, sometimes it takes someone to teach or remind you of these practical ways to avoid Internet criminals. In
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Copyright piracy is when a criminal steals someone else's ideas, music, and anything else that could be copyrighted, and sells them or misuses them for personal gain. You have to be careful if you use programs such as Kazaa or other post-Napster products that allow you to download music and files off the Internet. Law forbids you to burn CDs containing this information for retail.

Data transfer theft is when someone steals personal information by tapping into a phone line outside one's house and runs a line directly into one's own computer. This can often be done without one even knowing it through split lines. Some thieves will even take this a step further. When a person is done using their computer and signs off the network, they simply remain online and continue using the system as if it were actually that person. (

Misuse of computer time is a very common crime, a matter of fact; most everyone is a criminal of this crime. This is where public and private employees who, on the taxpayers' or company's time and money, surf the computer or play games without proper authorization. Supervisors do not accept this kind of behavior in many instances, but there's little way to regulate it. ( This also goes for public places such as schools and institutions where computer time is

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