Personal Environemnt and Sexuality: How My Environment Influenced my Views on Sexuality

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Everyone regardless of background or culture has a specific set of beliefs or values. These beliefs and values can vary from being simply not liking to lie, to believing that homosexuality is a sin. Human beings can develop their particular set of beliefs and values through life experiences or even through reading a book. Almost every person has a moral code which they use to differentiate whether a specific problem is morally wrong or morally right. Sexual issues are some of the most debated of these problems. Some people fight tooth and nail over these issues because of what their specific religion has told them is right while others fight because they want the freedom to be able to express themselves as the sexual beings that we …show more content…
I am discussing these issues because I personally have experienced or taken part in all of these issues. First I will be discussing homosexuality, I am discussing this issue because I am a homosexual and certain issues regarding homosexuality need to be addressed. Then I will be discussing prostitution because I have taken part in it and I find that compared to most people I have a unique outlook on it. Finally I will be discussing open relationships because I took part in an open relationship for over a year and I feel it will be interesting to the reader to see what would make a person possibly want to partake in such a relationship.
Homosexuality. Homosexuality has many layers which are majorly debated, the two which I will discuss in this paper are gay pride and gay marriage. I have come to develop a set of beliefs on homosexuality, not from any books necessarily but from past experiences. If anything the major book I can think of which supposedly says something about homosexuality is the Bible. This book for me actually gave me the opposite opinion about homosexuality today, than what those who taught it to me would have liked me to have.
Growing up I was always taught the “Christian way to live” because my parents are strong southern Baptist. They were pretty strict and seeing as how when you are

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