Performance Focused Organizational Commitment Essay

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Performance focused Organizational commitment

Meyer & Herscovitch proposed a general model of organizational commitment in the year 2001. They noted that previous organizational researches have been conducted with a lack of consensus in conceptualization of commitment. They argued that the researchers have commonly examined correlations between commitment and its antecedents without identifying the under lying mechanism. They found that especially when to investigation the development of commitment it was necessary to distinguish the mindset from the factors that were accompanying the individual and have an impact on the individual behaviour outcomes that bind and individual to a course of action relevance to a particular target.
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The core essence of commitment was represented in the inner circle of the model which according to the model was marked as a ‘Binding Force’ - a sense of being bound to a particular target that had a relevant behaviour as an outcome or consequence which was labelled as ‘Focal Target Relevant Behaviour’ of an employee. The model described the three mindsets and there bases in the outer circle of the model and reflected the outcome or consequences of these behaviours into the outer circle of outcome labelled as ‘Discretionary Target Relevant Behaviour’.

Meyer & Herscovitch (2001) - A General Model of Commitment

The model reflected the different degrees of three mindsets and Meyer & Herscovitch found that the model was useful to define the focal behaviour represented in the inner circle that was the focus of commitment because of a psychological bond. They found that the focal behaviour could be defined both broadly and narrowly. In case of organizational commitment, it can be viewed as specific as remaining a member of an organization or can be broadly viewed as working towards the success of the organization. The focal behaviour was always defined with a relevance to a target or targets. These targets may be an entity, a principle or the outcome of the course of

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