Organizational Commitment Essay

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Both terms ‘Organizational Commitment’ and ‘Employee Commitment’ come from the same term and concept of commitment as described earlier in his study. Angle and Perry (Mar., 1981) have also summarized and stated the concept of commitment as The term “Commitment” has been used, for example, to describe such diverse phenomena as the willingness of social actors to give their energy and loyalty to social system (Kanter, 1968), for awareness of the impossibilities of costing a different social identity or of rejecting a particular expectation, under force of penalty (Stebbins, 1970), or an affective attachment to an organization apart from the purely instrumental worth of
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(Becker, 1992)

Indeed, the term ‘organizational commitment’ where reflects the employee commitment to the organization directly. The term employee commitment may not necessary be same directly. The perspectives of both organization and employee commitment have two faces. The importance of commitment if considered from an organizational perspective is typically described as staying with the organization through thick and thin, attends work regularly, puts effort in the work or even more, takes care of organizational assets and values etc. At the same time from employee perspective staying with the organization and putting efforts in the organization may have different motives. Organization provides a number of duties to occupy time and compensates employee in return. These incentives would vary if the base such as ‘justice’ in compensation in not applied by the organization (Tremblay et al., 2000) or become more effective where opportunities of learning and development are involved with commitment behaviors such as putting more effort (Arnold & Mackenzie Davey, 1999) because in this case the bases would seem to be an advantage by the employee to work for an organization where trainings are vehicle of

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