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When it comes to management information systems (MIS), the amount of data collected is becoming increasingly larger every day. For employees the information includes such things as name, address, gender, social security number, work habits, likes and dislikes. For the customer, data collected include name, address, gender, credit card number, likes and dislikes. The question is how we handle this growing collection of data, maximize our profits and, at the same time, protect the customer and employees privacy? Is there something we can do to minimize the impact on privacy? The big question would be are we morally required to protect personal privacy anyway? Are the moral requirements related to legal requirements and how do companies …show more content…
It is even possible they could sell employee work records based on their performance as a means to make money? Would this be morally or legally right? Or, like Wal-Mart, use the data and manage your personal life for just a little more profit. Here is an example of how they used information. When we were using pen and paper we had the ball point pens that had the click to open feature on them. With a database study they decided that each time we clicked the pen to open it and close it at each delivery stop it used about 1 second of time multiplied by the total stops per day of 125(average) would use 125seconds per driver, multiply that times total drivers nationwide of approximately 10,000 drivers would give you a number of seconds used just to operate the pen. This figure shows that it cost $8,680/day to have these pens. Guess what happened next? Our new stick pens just arrived!
This is a good example of how you can use your information to make simple decisions that maximize your profit. As you would have guessed, there are more sinister ways to use this information which begs everyone to ask questions about how and when we use our collection of information.
These questions then take us to the information systems we have in place and the data that they hold. Should the information contained in these databases, and the value that this information represents, be used only for profit without regard to the persons or entities it represents, or does the

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