Legalization of Marijuana: Annotated Bibliography Essay

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"Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption." The University of Chicago Press, 2 May 2013. Web. 16
Oct. 2013. This article shows the correlation between alcohol and traffic accidents while disproving that there is one between medical marijuana and accidents. The article covers the pros of medicinal marijuana as well as dispelling the rumors of major impairment behind the wheel, in small doses. In fact, there was a decrease in auto fatalities after the legalization of medicinal marijuana of 8-10%. The author has a clear tone towards legalization instead of against. The article references the Gallup poll and some of the statistics therein
Armentano, Paul. "Working to Reform Marijuana Laws."
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The author is the poll assistant editor. Unlike many other works in this particular subject, this author manages to stay unbiased or mostly unbiased as he is simply asking others opinions.
Gallup polls are extremely important and show up often in other texts. Overall, the purpose of this to inform without influencing decisions either way.
Cohen, Steven P. "Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain." BMJ Publishing Group, 26 Jan. 2008.
Web. 16 Oct. 2013. The author of this particular article was very critical of the uses of marijuana and the use of it as medicinal but he admits that more research is needed to determine whether or not marijuana is a good substitute for pain pills. He also admits that the use of marijuana has helped MS patients combat their chronic pain but that the studies have often been too short to determine whether there were lasting effects or not. This article is valuable in that it shows the critiques of a system which simply has not given enough research to this drug. It shows the shortcomings of condemning something with insufficient research.
Dresser, Rebecca. "At Law: Irrational Basis: The Legal Status of Medicinal Marijuana." The
Hastings Center, Dec. 2009. Web. 16 Oct. 2013. The medicinal marijuana laws themselves are examined in this article and even in the first page informs its readers of certain policies that the states enacted so that the federal government did not make raids upon them. Likewise, the

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