Essay on Knowledge Management Strategic Master Plan in Malaysia

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In the new era millennium with the explosion of digital connectivity Malaysian government is using ICT application by launching the Knowledge Management Strategic Master Plan aiming in transform Malaysia to increase productivity, improve accountability, enhance transparency and facilitate public sector. Improved knowledge management is essential to governmental agencies at the national, regional or local rivals, because governmental organizations are basically knowledge-based organizations. Knowledge Management has also become one of the initiatives and trends in public sector from primarily developing countries (Syed Omar Sharifuddin and Fytton Rowland, 2004). Similar view has been expressed by Hafizi Muhamad Ali and
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Ccording to Gartner Group (1996) was described KM as a multidisciplinary domain of interest, with origins in philosophy, economics, organization theory, information systems, marketing, management strategy, innovation research, and organizational learning. However, other studies have pointed out that KM is the ability to create and retain greater value from core business competencies by (Nonaka et al, 1995). Thus, KM can be different between data, information and knowledge.

The Objective of Knowledge Management

According to Syed Omar Sharifuddin and Fytton Rowland (2001) recognize that the implementation knowledge management to increase productivity, improve accountability, enhance transparency and facilitate public sector. Summing up the above, while agreed by Zainuddin (200) presented from his 2001 Budget Speech Conferences emphasis on the impact of ability to transfer knowledge across an organisation has been found to contribute to organisational performance. However according to Niza Adila Hamzah and Prof. Peter Woods (2003) also recommends that some objectives of knowledge management could and should be used to:-

1. To establish the levels of knowledge management practices, competencies and the organizational performance of government departments in Malaysia
2. To verify how much variance in organizational performance can be explained by scores on knowledge management practices and competencies
3. To determine the best predictor of

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