Essay on Guns Don"t Kill People, People Do

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With all the problems that occur today with gun violence on the television and political advocates against guns. The question that I always wanted to ask is, “are all the horrible things they say about guns true.” Are guns truly a danger or is it hype? Violence is prominent in society. The politicians claim we solve disputes through talking and negotiations. However, the truth is that most conflicts ultimately end with the pointing of a weapon. I researched why people wanted guns. Most claim it is for hunting or pleasure (the shooting clay pigeon or targets). Although I feel, more people think of it as an effective form of defense. People are extremely fearful of what lies out on the other side of their front door than what can occur in …show more content…
I talked to the owner of the store about what his thoughts were about current gun laws. He said, “Gun owners buy guns for a self-protection while others buy them for their collections. They use the guns for hunting, home protection, and target practice.” He also said, “There are a loop holes in the current gun laws that cause guns to fall into the wrong hands like criminals and psychos. The problem is that private individual sales are not regulated like gun stores. They are not required to do a background check on the buyers or keep any record of sales. He also suggested that I learn to fire a weapon to see the perspective of gun owner.

The political side of the gun control is the politicians focus disagreements around these questions. “Does gun ownership prevent or cause crime? How should the second Amendment be interpreted? What should the balance between an individual’s right of self-defense through gun ownership and the People’s interest in maintaining public safety?” These questions can be condensed into two categories, first, does the government has the authority to regulate guns and second, if it does, is it effective use of public policy to regulate guns. The questions are put into two argument categories. The first category is Public policy arguments that include the importance of a militia, the reduction of gun violence and firearm deaths, and include arguments regarding security against foreign invasions. The second category is rights-based

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