Group Communication Essay

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Group Communication

I conducted my group communication at Ysgol Bryn Castell, Cefn Glas. I chose to do it there because it was convenient to conduct group interaction in a school, as there is always opportunity for this type of interaction in such a setting.

For the interaction I read a simplified version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ out to a class of six children, and then had a question and answer session to check that the children had understood the play properly and to find out what their views were on it. The children sat around me on their chairs in a semi circle. They were seated this way so that they could all see me, my facial expressions, body movements and gestures. This seating
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This helped to show that I was interested in what they had to say and also so that they knew when it was their turn to speak.

Facial expressions

As facial expressions are important towards children of a young age (children learn to make facial expressions partly by copying adults), I ensured that I made appropriate expressions in line with the story, so as not to confuse the children.

Open questions

I asked the children open questions such as ‘What did you think of the story?’ so that the children could respond in any way to any part of the story.

Closed questions

I tried not to ask many closed questions, unless I needed more specific information.

Probes and prompts

I used probes and prompts to make the children give more in depth information and to help them to think more about the subject that I was questioning them on. I used prompts to help the children understand what I was asking by suggesting a possible answer.

Appropriate language

When speaking to the children I made sure that I spoke slowly and using ‘easy to understand’ language, eg not using complex, long words.


To check that I had heard and understood the children properly I used paraphrasing as a way of reflecting back to the children. Paraphrasing also helped them to clarify exactly

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