Recruiting Stakeholder Groups In The Wyoming Power Company Case

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Recruiting stakeholder groups to participate can be difficult; however, in order to have effective collaboration within a project as large as the Wyoming Power Company case recruitment is necessary for success. Recruitment tools such as networking are a power way to help to identify relevant stakeholders in such a large and dynamic case. Networking, or more specifically mapping out special interest groups and professional that are interested or linked to the project, are identified and reached out to. Wherein through the communication with relevant stakeholders one can begin to find new stakeholders to reach out to through the suggestions from already identified stakeholders. The strength of this tool is its ability to generate
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A kitchen table discussion is a small group meeting in a neutral setting that helps to invite two-way communications among stakeholders and particularly conflicting stakeholders. The discussion is facilitated by a host that helps to open up discussion, share information and encourages all stakeholders to voice their opinion. This exercise would be beneficial for the Fourmile Creek case due to the fact that it provides an inviting format where stakeholders can share the information they know directly to other stakeholder groups that they are trying to work with. More importantly, since a majority of the people sent to a kitchen table discussion are representatives for their stakeholder group information can be shared and passed along to their groups after the …show more content…
This constant change may cause issues to arise or miscommunications to occur, wherein a small group discussion will directly answer and resolve any misinformation. In order to implement kitchen table discussions among the stakeholders in the Fourmile Creek case I suggest that each stakeholder group chooses a representative that will speak on behalf of their group for each meeting. Moreover, meetings should occur monthly in order to keep every stakeholder up to date about new developments of the case. In order to accommodate all of the stakeholders the location of the meeting will occur at a location that is roughly ‘in the middle’, so each stakeholder is easily able to reach the meeting. A host for the meeting will be chosen for their neutrality, which would likely be a resident of a community outside of the Fourmile Creek watershed. Therefore, a kitchen table discussion that takes into consideration and makes reasonable accommodations for stakeholder groups will be likely to produce reliable opportunities for stakeholders to raise their concerns about the on-going developments of the case. The desired outcomes of completing these kitchen table discussion is to promote collaboration among stakeholder groups as well as facilitate discussions that seek to resolve issues

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