Group Communication Case Study Essay

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In my group I will have Pat Solitano Jr., Tiffany Maxwell, Pat Solitano, Sr., Ronnie and Dolores Solitano. I believe the main presenting problem for this group would be stress. Stress has put some of these individuals into difficult situations causing them to act out and say hurtful words. In this case Pat Jr. will throw fits when he hears his wedding song and gets very upset or stressed whenever anything about his ex-wife Nikki is mentioned. Tiffany lives a very stressful life her husband just passed away and she is known as a whore because she sleeps with many different people. Pat Sr. problem with stress has to do with football. If anything is different than it once was before then he will have to fix it. This goes for every little detail …show more content…
I would direct them by leading the discussion and sharing new information. Of course I would not do this skill unless I had the groups consent (Toseland, R.W., & Rivas, R.F. 2012, p. 119). Then I would use expressive skills by using self-disclosure. Doing this could help the group open up about difficult communications (Toseland, R.W., & Rivas, R.F. 2012, p. 112 &113). I will meet the group’s leadership responsibility in ensuring that each person gets roughly the same amount of attention in the group. I will do this by, involving each and every member. If the group is talking about a topic and one person has not said much I would kindly ask that person to give his/her option on the topic. Or depending on what the topic I could choose that quite person because I know that they have knowledge in the area and would be a great help (Toseland, R.W., & Rivas, R.F. 2012, p. 112). Some group members may struggle with assertiveness and adequate displays. They may struggle with this because of their past. Or they could feel that the family may not be accepting or understand as to what that individual has to say. Another example would be if an ex or a deceased husband was mentioned emotions could be flying through the roof and that can make some people

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