Globalization and the State System of Government Essay

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When answering the question “Who am I?” or “Who are we?,” more thought needs to be put into the response then ever before. The past 350 years have been characterized by the state system, which has provided the only answer one could possibly need to respond to the ‘identity question’. Everyone has identified themselves as a member of a state; a state being defined as a stable population with a government, a monopoly over the legitimate use of force, definite borders, and sovereignty that is recognized by other members of the inter-state system (Dunne 158). This model of international affairs, known as ‘political realism’, has been the defining characteristic since roughly the time of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

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If society is indeed globalizing, two things should be happening. First, people should be losing their identity with the state as the state fragments, and local, ethnic, and religious ties are stronger than the state. Secondly, people should be losing their state-centric identities as states sacrifice their most important asset, sovereignty, to integrate into larger-scale entities. If the sovereignty of states is being breeched by globalization, then the realist explanation for world events seem to be failing. If the state system fails, then who are we? If states are indeed losing their importance in international relations, then the very nature of a person’s identity will be changed.

Granted, there are many signs that society is just modernizing. This is due to the fact that many people continue to be preoccupied with the glory of the inter-state system, and consider its existence perpetual. Max Beloff, the author of the Eurocritic article, “The Great Betrayal,” proves himself to be a firm believer in the continued existence of the inter-state system. Beloff looks at things from a realist perspective, and notices that people continue to give their allegiance to the state (No one is willing to die for the European Union). He represents a group of thinkers that see great validity and use in the inter-state

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