Evaluation of English Writing Class Essay

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Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, I walked in to English not knowing what to expect. English 111 was boring at times but in many ways helpful. College Composition I main objective is to teach students the fundamentals of academic writing and critical thinking. Aside from learning how to academically write, recognizing grammatical errors, tone, and different styles such as MLA, APA, and CMS, are some other things learned in the course. This essay will be evaluating the book as a whole, self-reflections, essays, my strengths and weaknesses and my professor. Every English 111 textbook should consist of three main things: the proper way to write an academic essay, review of proper grammar, mechanics word usage and …show more content…
There was no need to be embarrassed because it’s just a rough draft, why try to make it perfect?. Before I read this article I thought my rough drafts had to be perfect or close to it and that is the reason why I had such a hard time getting started on the essay or even writing an essay. The other three articles I didn’t find them beneficial in any way but interesting. A brush with reality I found out what toothpaste really consists of, why it’s so expensive, and why it is harmful to digest. A secret life on the McJob made me realize when working at a fast food restaurant the demeanor of the employee often resembles the manager. Don’t complain about the employee demeanor until you’ve met the manager. Snoopers at work was the most interesting but also made me feel violated. I never knew it was legal to violate someone’s privacy to see if they are shoplifting or track a persons every move. It makes me not want to go out in public or even seem trustworthy of working for a major company. Although only one of the articles pertained to the English class itself, the professor picked articles that would also be appealing to the students outside of class. Every English 111 class is required to write a minimum of four academic essays and the professor chooses what we get to write about. Our class wrote a process, argumentative, compare/contrast and an evaluative essay. The

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