Freshman Composition Analysis

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Over the semester in Freshman Composition, I learned many useful writing skills to help me throughout college and into my career. In my portfolio there’s collections of essays such as, Impact of Reading and Writing, Argumentative Paper, and Narrative Paper. Also assignments like Social Issues, Argumentative, and the first homework revision. My personal accomplishment is minimizing the use of dead words and improving my word choice to make my writing sound like a college student wrote it. I struggled with transitions and having one paragraph flow into the next while still staying on topic. While reading my portfolio pay attention to how my writing has improved throughout each paper. In my portfolio there are series of my best papers and assignments. …show more content…
The social issue assignment was beneficial to help with my writing. This was assigned to teach us to pick a topic that we are interested in so that we can put our own feelings in thought in. At the time, I felt that this assignment was not going to help. After having to write my own paragraph over an issue I realized that the reading those examples had helped. Another assignment was the argumentation from the writers presences. This was to prepare us for writing a argumentative paper. There were many examples of writings to help give ideas on how to write an argumentative paper. Argumentation assignment was just the beginning of having ideas getting started and getting a feeling for writing an argumentative paper. I felt like this assignment was extremely helpful when preparing to write an argumentative paper. The last assignment to complete my portfolio is the first revision assignment. This was the first assignment that was assigned to us in this class. It was difficult because I wasn’t sure what exactly to do and how to write it since it was first college class. From that assignment I didn’t receive as much feedback on how my writing was. After that assignment I was still unsure of my writing, but as the year went on it began to

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