Diversity Training Essay

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Diversity Training

Work force demographics, which reveal increased diversity among the working population, are triggering a huge growth in diversity training programs. Although these programs typically are designed to improve working relationships, many of them are accompanied by a backlash from those who do not agree with the focus of the programs or the messages they deliver. Some people believe that diversity training should focus only on those categories protected by law—race, gender, and disability. Others argue for a more inclusive definition encompassing age, educational level, family structure, job function, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and values. However, it is the messages these programs deliver that spark the greatest
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People don't want to hear that they have been successful only because of their skin color, nor do they want to hear that they alone are responsible for the oppression of female and minority workers (Flynn 1999). Employees must be convinced that the organization's diversity programs "do not seek to displace white males, but rather to prepare workers and managers to work in a heterogeneous environment, one where everyone can compete equally for organizational resources" (Riccuci 1997, p. 39).

Diversity training may also be perceived as a source of reverse discrimination, especially when the trainers hired to deliver the training are selected solely because they represent a minority population, rather than because they possess diversity training skills (Flynn 1999). Studies show that some people who assume the role of diversity trainer are not qualified to deal with the issues that surface in these programs (ibid.). Although they many have interpersonal skill training experience, some diversity trainers have limited knowledge of multicultural issues, personal law, group dynamics, and teaching techniques. Some have been accused of using confrontational tactics or of taking out their anger for perceived transgressions on the training participants.

Is Diversity Synonymous with Affirmative Action?
Because diversity training in many organizations is initiated as a result of

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