Essay on Chemistry Lab: Molecular Formulas

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In 2 week long Chemistry lab I was given unknown liquid numbered 29 which I had to find through the experiments that I learned from the beginning of the semester. After conducting experiments I acquired empirical formula, molecular weight, molecular formula, density and boiling point temperature in order for me to find what the substance is. Using molecular formula I plan on looking into few websites that my professor provided us such as: ChemBlink, ChemSpider and PubChem to help me find what substances I should be looking into. After acquiring all the substances with similar molecular formula I plan to apply density and boiling point and eliminate substances that do not closely or at all match up with my data. Once I acquire my unknown …show more content…
My third substance that I retrieved is Ethyl Methyl Ether which has a density of 0.7251 g/mL.(PubChem) Since the density is off 0.0599 g/mL I could eliminate it from density portion of the experiment. My fourth possible substance is 2-Hydroxypropan-2-Yl Radical with a density of 0.791 g/mL (GuideChem) just like 2-Propanol and also has a synonym of Isopropyl Alcohol (Usp) therefore; I will not eliminate it from density and keep It for further evaluation. My fifth substance is Propanol with a density of 0.804 g/mL (ChemBlink) which is 0.0208 g/mL more than my experimental value, since the difference is small; I will not eliminate it in the density and will keep it for further evaluation. While doing a boiling point, I acquired a temperature of 81.9 C as my actual boiling point for my unknown 29. Boiling point for 2-Propanol is 81-83 ºC (ChemBlink) which puts my experimental temperature within its range therefore; i will keep 2-Propanol as my potential unknown substance. Second substance 1-Propanol has boiling point of 97 ºC (ChemBlink) which is way over my experimental data, therefore; I can conclude that 1-Propanol is not my substance in the boiling point experiment and can safely exclude it. My third substance is Ethyl methyl ether which has a boiling point of 6.8 °C at 760 mmHg (ChemBlink), the boiling point temperature is too low at the standard pressure, it’s safe to exclude Ethyl methyl Ether from the boiling point experiment due to the big

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