Brogurt Bar Essay

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Frozen yogurt, a popular fad in today’s society, is a treat that is craved by most women. Because of the popularity of frozen yogurt, and how these businesses seem to be booming all over the country, we wanted to create a place similar to that of your typical yogurt shop, but with a different type of clientele. The Brogurt Bar will be an environment that will specifically accommodate men who want to escape the pressures of work, school and home; however this will not stop women from wanting to come and enjoy a night out. Brogurt itself is a name that will intrigue people to search for an explanation that will satisfy their curiosity as much as it will satisfy their taste buds. The Brogurt Bar’s three main amenities will be yogurt, …show more content…
Sports will be the main atmosphere of our bar. We will provide an extensive range of sports channels on our state of the art plasma screen televisions. The environment we want to create is one in which our customers will enjoy their time so much that the atmosphere alone will bring even more customers, which will result in having more regular customers. Location for a business is a key element of success; we believe the best place for success would be in a college town. We want to draw in students who are willing to spend money on beer and Brogurt, students who want to have a good time and escape the hardships of life. Being near a college will aid to promoting our business by word of mouth, which will be the most effective way to bring college students to the Brogurt Bar. Students will tell other students, and before long the Brogurt Bar will be the hottest place to go. College students are looking for a place where they can consistently come and know that they will have an exceptional time. The Brogurt Bar will be successful for a number of reasons. Not only is the location ideal for bringing in business, but the uniqueness of our bar will intrigue students and residents in the college area to try a place that is different from their normal routines. Location and uniqueness will not be the only factors of success, our service, specials, and superior yogurt will be so phenomenal that our customers will need to keep coming back for

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