Nutrition And Nutrient Analysis

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1. Complete the following questions for each nutrient listed below. Answer a, b, c and d for protein and then move onto carbohydrates and the other nutrients. (50pts)

Saturated Fat
Iron folate vitamin B12 fiber Sodium.

How much of the nutrient did you consume (in grams, calories, IU, micrograms, etc.) What is the RDA/DRI for that nutrient? What was the percentage of the RDA that you consumed? If you were under or over 100 %, would it be advisable to change your diet with regard to this nutrient?

Protein: For my 3-day intake, I consumed a total of 60.01 grams of protein and the DRI for this nutrient is 67.47 grams. I consumed 89% of the DRI and since I was a little under 100%,
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I consumed 86% which is a decent amount. But, in order for me to consume the total 100% for this mineral, taking a daily multivitamin would fulfill that or consuming more dark-leafy vegetables along with beans would increase my intake for iron. Folate: For this vitamin, I consumed 145.54 ug of folate and the DRI recommends 400 ug of this per day. I only got 36% of the daily amount recommended for me which is definitely low. So, in order to increase my intake of folate, obviously a multivitamin would help a lot but some foods rich in folate include asparagus, broccoli, citrus fruits, avocado and brussel sprouts. So, consuming more of these would higher my intake of folate too. Vitamin b12 (Cobalamin): For this vitamin during my 3-day intake, I consumed a total of 3.02 ug with the DRI recommending only 2.40 ug per day. I consumed 126% of the vitamin which is over the 100% mark so it would be in my best favor to keep taking the multivitamin but also since I am a little over, to reduce the amount of red meat I eat which contains an abundant amount of vitamin …show more content…
What dietary changes would you make to have an optimal intake of this nutrient? Name the foods you would or would not continue to eat. What foods would you add to your diet?
Protein: In order to have an optimal intake of this nutrient, I would have to continue to eat the tuna and the grilled chicken but even though the tacos, cheeseburger and steak had a lot of protein, it also had a lot of saturated fat and sodium so I could replace those with healthier options that also provide me with a lot of protein including: salmon, veggie burgers, lean ground beef (92%), and lean turkey/chicken.
Carbohydrate: In order to have an optimal intake of this nutrient, I would still continue to eat the trail mix, peanut butter, tuna while cutting out the mexican tacos, steak and cheese since those 3 all had a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates. Instead, I could replace or add healthier options to my diet including: brown rice, whole wheat pasta, rolled oats,

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