Chronicles Of A Struggling Dieter: How The Warrior Diet Changed My Life

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Shantel S. Reddick
Julie Block
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Chronicles of a Struggling Dieter: How the Warrior Diet Changed My Life I would definitely consider myself to be ‘one of those girls’. I would literally try any diet that promised even the slightest of a weight loss! Ketogenic? No, thank you! The crash was awful. The military diet? Oh, no! Only if you can stomach the taste and texture of cottage cheese and hard-boiled eggs. Cabbage soup anyone? Let’s not get started on the terrible smelling gas associated with this diet. Carb cycling? Somewhere in the middle I forgot if it was a high-carb, low-carb or no-carb day, so I would just reset at high-carb and ended up gaining tons of weight. I have tried everything! Thankfully, however,
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That’s what so spectacular about the warrior diet. You don’t have to do a thing! There’s no meal prepping for the week. You can throw that chicken breast and sweet potato you prepared 3 days ago in the trash. No, seriously! Don’t eat it! You don’t have to spend a shit load of money on expensive organic, gluten-free, tasteless foods. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or more shit loads of money on Rob whose nickname is ‘the fat slayer’ who’s body is actually full of fat underneath the steroids and secretly wishes he had the discipline to try the warrior diet. There are no gimmicks! No protein shakes to purchase! No protein bars to buy! None of that! You’re simply left with your own will to succeed at the end of the day (pun intended). Do you get it? You succeed at the end of the day? That’s when you have your last meal. Yes, that was a lame joke, but please don’t judge the success of this diet on my ability to deliver a …show more content…
I know mind blowing right? You get to eat the calories you didn’t consume for breakfast and lunch for dinner. According to Emily Hodgkin, the warrior diet is not a sustainable way of eating in the long term and can be very difficult to stick to, especially if you live with people who are eating three meals a day. It is possible you may run into issues explaining to family you can only eat a handful of nuts for lunch while they’re scorching down a burger and fries, but it’ll be okay when they see your results. Anyways, you can always have yours for dinner when all your buddies stop eating at 6p and trying to convince themselves their peanut butter, butterscotch, chocolate turtle brownie with cookies n’ cream protein shake tastes anything more than chalk on

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