British Telecom Business Analysis Essay

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1. Summary

This report defines the activities of BT Group (British Telecom), including financial performance, i.e. statistics and balance sheets of the past five years. Showing considerable amount of evidence on how BT Group has evolved since its beginning.

Furthermore it includes an overview of how BT Group is structured in its various departments and the people involved in these departments. Before any of the previous information can be identified it is important that an understanding is gained of the history and activities of British Telecom from the beginning to its current position in the market.

1. Introduction

BT Group (British Telecom)

British Telecom, more recently known as BT Group plc (BT), is the dominant
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The name was changed to British Telecom from British Telecommunications. This was a government move to ensure that British Telecom became active in creating competition in the UK market and to eventually expand its operations globally.
<li value="1984">: In this year the government introduced the British Telecommunications act. The aim of this act was to defend the workings of competition in the UK. Before this act, British Telecom was merely free to run telecommunication systems but now required a license along with all the other telecommunication operators. This license ensured strict and extensive conditions which affected the range of activities that it could undertake.
<li value="1990">'s: Another introduction by the government was the "Competition and Choice" that was put in place in the 1990's. Due to this new legislation, BT privatized. This change allowed customers to acquire telecommunication services from competing providers using a variety of technologies.
<li value="2000">: BT announces its intention to split into a group under a new holding company namely BT Group plc. BT also has a mobile telecommunications business that originally was named BT Cellnet but following the big BT shakeup it has the new name of "O2." This was a move intended to remove the load of debt with which the company had weighed down on itself, much of which resulted from the introduction of 3rd generation mobile

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