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So Jean I promise not to mention it!

Well… I’ve known Steven Alexander for around 32 years and he was born on the 28th July 1968, at Stretford Memorial Hospital and weighed in at 7lb 4 oz.

I am reliably informed that this was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning – and also that Steven has had a Sunny Disposition ever since…..

of course only a Mother could say this….

Also I am also told that Steven developed a habit of sucking his thumb ….. but Jean wouldn’t be pushed on the age that he actually stopped…. As she said he may be embarrassed……. When I explained that was what my role was all about she relented!


For the historians amongst you a snippet of other things happening that year….

- 747 takes first flight

- Wimbledon tennis opens to professionals

- The first Kodak Instamatic Camera’s are sold

Oh and one that will hopefully be of use in the future

- Scientists devise the epidural!!

Right then….

I know its traditional to share with you the time when the happy couple first met….

but I’ve racked my
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