Analysis of Serial Killers Essay

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Analysis of Serial Killers

Serial killers are one of the most fascinating and morbid groups of people to study. A serial killer as defined by Brian and Wilfred Gregg in The Encyclopedia of Serial
Killers is someone who kills 3 or more people with sufficient time intervals between each known as a cooling off period. The style and motivation of the killings can vary greatly.
I choose serial killers for this project because the idea of someone killing another human being on numerous occasions seemed so out there, so fringe, it just had to be studied.
Listen to this letter from one of this centuries most infamous serial killers David
Berkowitz (1976-1977) AKA "Son of Sam."

"I am deeply hurt by your calling me a weman-hater. I
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Yours in murder, Mr. Monster."

This letter was found at the scene of one of his crimes. He went on to kill 5 more people, mostly in cars parked in lover's lanes.

To view serial killers as a fringe group, you must first understand them as a group. To do this I will present some common traits of serial killers, followed by the classifications of male and female serial killers and specific examples of each. Once I have sufficiently grouped serial killers as a whole and then as smaller groups in that whole, I will explain what is being done to predict serial killers, who becomes a serial killer and why?

There is no way to tell exactly how many serial killers there are active at any one time.
Do to modern technology, particularly transportation, it is often hard to connect two seemingly separate murders. Most experts agree with Holmes and DeBurger's estimate of victims of serial murders at 3,500 to 5,000 per year. From this the estimated number of serial killers active today is 350, or 7 per state. This estimate is based on research that shows most serial killers murder between ten and twelve individuals, over several years.
However, Peter Wortington, author of "The Journalist and the Killer," states the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy could be responsible for as many as 100 murders.

Who are they?

Common Traits

*Holmes and DeBurger, the author of Serial Murder, state that serial killers in general fit the description of a

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