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AES distinguishes itself through developing new products and applications at a low cost. It is committed to social responsibility and empowering its employees through its four main principles which include integrity, fairness, social responsibility and fun. It is “different” from other corporations because AES is focused on retaining its core values and culture as the corporation expands in size. The company’s sources of sustainable competitive advantage include technical leadership through its innovative research and development team and its worldwide network of distributors and strategic partners. AES is committed to penetrating international markets, specifically in developing or emerging economies, and constantly improving on
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Assets, such as the company’s associates are tracked to determine what changes have taken place. And the Sales Backlog measures the contract revenues during the year.
     Systems also include the data integrity or systems information. And as they noted in the case, AES’ intentions are to grow internationally, which means that a common form of communication will play an integral part in the success of the organization.
     AES offers guidelines for its compensation and benefits package. Individual salaries are determined by looking at industry standards. In fact, there is no set salary schedule for individual jobs within the company. AES does offer three forms of incentive pay including, individual bonuses, plant performance bonus, corporate-wide bonus and annual raises. The company also offers a retirement system based on company stock and a tuition reimbursement program to assist employees attending school.

AES states they hire creative, trusting, responsible and unique people that enjoy a challenge. The goal of the hiring process is to select people who fit well with culture of the company. AES believes technical skills can be learned if the candidate is motivated and dependable. In fact only 20% of the Thames plant employees have college degrees with the remaining 80% coming from the Navy or General Dynamics. In addition, there

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