Essay about Zappos And How Its Emphasis On Customer Satisfaction

717 Words Jul 20th, 2016 3 Pages
This essay will discuss Zappos, and how its emphasis on customer satisfaction has greatly contributed to its profitability. Consequently, customer service is now an intricate part of a company’s success. For example, according to Newman (2015), “for Zappos, repeat customers contribute to 75% of their sales, and those returning customers tend to make larger purchase the second or third time around. Therefore, companies that desire to really grow their business and gain a competitive edge should focus on customer service not just for the purpose of sales or after-sales, but also as a way to enhance their marketing efforts” (p.1). Moreover, repeat customers help to increase customer loyalty, and, a majority of repeat customers, become customers for life. Subsequently, I have never been to Zappos website, however, for the purposes of this exercise I decided to visit it. Interestingly, most websites I visit (excluding Amazon), do not display their reviews so prominently. For instance, I decided to view the handbags, I was impressed with the selection of handbags that are offered. Specifically, Zappos offers; mini bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags and an assortment of other types of bags. Consequently, each comes with a review underneath the item, which is helpful for those customers that desire to read reviews before purchasing an item. To be honest, before this course, I always thought Zappos was a cigarette lighter company. However, I have since learned that Zippos is the…

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