Your Gun Violence Wears Me By Volker Ter Haseborg Analysis

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Guns are weapons that meant to protect as well as to hurt. Volker Ter Haseborg’s article, “Your Gun Violence Scares Me” explains his position on gun control in the United States. From his experience living in a country where gun control is enforced strictly, is surprised at how many Americans can have access to a firearm. He explains that gun control should be enforced since many Americans are dying everyday due to guns. His reason for this article is that shootings seem regular and don’t shock people easily until it gets to the point where people are getting shot on Television. He believes gun violence is everywhere and it has become an epidemic that kills thousands of Americans every year. Haseborg provides evidence from the Economist which says Americans are 40 times more likely to be killed …show more content…
In his youth he met at a man at the white house who was explaining that he was only protecting the Constitution with the Second Amendment. He explains that the man just wanted to take care of his right to bear arms and save the constitution. He gives the results of a poll which shows how Americans feel about gun control and noticed a decline in gun control, but a rise in gun rights. This concerned him and believes it’s a serious problem if the citizens feel safer holding a gun, than trusting their government. Like Haseborg, I too find myself wondering even though all these gun related tragedies happen, why hasn’t anybody done anything about it? Are they scared to speak up or is it something else. Haseborg is from Germany, whose country has the strictest gun laws in the world and citizens know they are protected by the authorities, so they have no need to own guns if they have someone to protect them. He thinks this is sad if a countries’ citizens believe they need to carry a weapon to feel safe. This helped me realize that why do we have to be afraid up to the point where we have to have guns ourselves to feel protected? I don’t

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