Young Students Dropping Out Of High School Essay

1042 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Young students dropping out of high school is a nationwide epidemic. Although, in the last several years the dropout rates have reduced slightly, it is still a crisis that must be tended to. There are several reasons why students choose to no longer attend school, however, most of the teenagers don’t think about the future they are also giving up. When individuals decide to drop out of high school it could be for many reasons. According to the National Dropout Prevention Center Network at Clemson University the highest ranking reason for a student to drop out, with 44.1 percent of the males and 42.7 percent females, is that they were struggling in class or falling behind due to not understanding the work or missing too many days of school (Why Students Drop Out). Another reason being students don’t believe what is being taught is relevant to what they will be doing in the future and teachers failed to connect what was being taught to real life (Convissor). Finally, 27.8 percent of the females that no longer attend high school is due to becoming pregnant and 25 percent of females dropped out after giving birth (Why Students Drop Out). As a result of dropping out of high school many individuals are less likely to be hired for a job, as well as once they are hired, they receive less pay than individuals with a high school diploma and far less than those who have graduated from college. Also, without a diploma it is difficult to obtain a job that offers full benefits,…

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