The Importance Of Birth Control

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The controversy on the age girls should have the legal right to be prescribed birth control without parental consent is a never-ending battle. In reality, everyone has their opinions; the parents, daughters, doctors, and whoever else may be reading this, all have their own, personal stance on the affair. However, is there truly one correct answer? The issue of birth control is something each person has the right to approve or disapprove of. Also, the laws controlling the prescribing of birth control to minors vary state-by-state. Some states have nearly no laws against minors receiving birth control without parental consent, whereas other states have much stricter, scrupulous ones. Although, should it actually be completely legal and …show more content…
Along with this, the number of abortions would ostensibly also decrease. Despite contrasting opinions, and even religious viewpoints, the dilemma on birth control should be solely between the doctor’s discernment and the person seeking it. To understand the reasoning for all states to allow access to contraceptives for teen girls without parental consent, you must first look at all the issues that complicate teen pregnancy, the problems that arise from it, and then the potential solutions to a multitude of these dilemmas. One crucial question is what is the rate of teen pregnancies in the United States? According to, “About 750,000 teens become pregnant each year.” This adds up to roughly 0.24% of the United States’ overall population. Though, not a substantial amount, it still generates an abundance of issues; not only for the mother and child, but also for the rate of poverty and government assistance necessary.
The more teenage mothers mean the more demand for welfare and government assistance, which in turn, creates more government debt. One source, Teen Pregnancy Statistics, emphasizes
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Along with this, “67% of teen mothers who moved out of their families’ household live below the poverty level.” (The National Campaign, 1-3). High school and graduation is another crucial complication when it comes to teen mothers.
Having a child as a teenager automatically puts you at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to schooling. Besides just the paradigmatic criticism and condemnation from your peers and even conceivably teachers, the added stress of keeping not only yourself healthy, but also your soon-to-be- born baby, as well as struggling to keep your grades and academics up can be a major encumbrance. A tremendous amount of all high school dropouts is because of unexpected or unplanned pregnancy.
Specifically, 70% of all teen high school dropouts are due to pregnancy and there is a 90% dropout rate among pregnant teens in the U.S. altogether (Teen Pregnancy Statistics). Though, dropping out of high school is a seemingly typical Situation when it comes to unplanned teen pregnancy, people often

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