How To Write A Persuasive Essay On High School Dropouts

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Don’t Drop Out!

Every year, over 1.2 million students dropout of high school in the United States alone, that’s a student every 26 seconds- or 7,000 a day. Many states are padding their graduation numbers in order to provide a higher graduation rate and a lower drop out rate. “Education Trust was one of the first groups to show how states were padding their graduation numbers.” (Lybbert) Many states undercount their dropouts in order to raise their graduation numbers. Although it would require additional funding provided by taxpayers, current programs within public education must be improved or new programs must be implemented that target the dropout rates of all students in order to equal the playing field and better prepare these students for the future.
“The school district of Palm
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But independent researchers say that the graduation rate was less than 60 percent across the county” (Ramirez) Palm Beach county isn’t the only district doing this, this is happening all over the country. This is also a problem because districts feel the need to provide false data in order to look like their schools have a decent graduation rate. High school dropouts are at a disadvantage right out of the gate. There are less job opportunities for a high school dropout than there is for a graduate of high school. High school dropouts would make on average $20,241 per year compared to a high school graduates average income of $30,000. This is almost a whole ten thousand dollar difference. The average amount of money a High school graduate would make more than a dropout is $260,000. High school dropouts don’t have the same opportunities as the rest of society. “The Education Week dropout statistics also indicate that those who dropout of school are ineligible for 90% of U.S. Jobs.” (Lybbert) They are usually left working dead end jobs. “Students who

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