Is Mandated Equal Funding Ethical?

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Is Mandated Equal Funding Ethical?
Is it ethical that some children have more funding and better opportunities than others? Freddy Simmons, Jason Riggins, Jose Martinez, Gloria Renteria, Jessica
Remy, Jamal Jones attended high school in East Detroit, MI until each of them dropped out. East Detroit is one of the more poverty-stricken cities in America with the highest welfare rates therefore little to no property tax revenue for funding it’s
K-12 public school system. Just a few towns away is Bloomfield Hills, MI that spends double per pupil on their students. Wealthy districts are able to better fund their K-
12 schools from property taxes. Teens in East Detroit are destined to fail; Jose comes from a family that does not speak English
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(U.S. Department of Education)
The act paves the way for major changes and conversions to take place. It is the beginning of an end to modern day desegregation wealthy districts and poverty- stricken districts. America’s Constitution lends states the decision on K-12 spending but the federal government had to step in. The primary source of federal K-12 support began in 1965 when the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was implemented. (U.S. Department of Education) The ESEA authorizes grants for elementary and secondary school programs for children of low-income families. (U.S. Department of Education)
This program covers the costs of education that state property taxes cannot cover thus the money is coming from other tax payer dollars that could be spent elsewhere. Instead of implementing a pool of funds for the state and equally distributing those fund across the state in 1965, the federal government began to supplement the deficits and currently supports half the funding for public
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Millions of dollars that could be spent elsewhere promoting economic growth and jobs. America’s future depends on education beyond a high school diploma.
Growth in the economy is reliant on jobs in America that requires engineering, sciences, mathematics, and heavy technological educations. Every year over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. (U.S. Deputy Secretary Tony Miller ) America’s dropout rates are the highest in the nation. The graduates that do make it to a first year in college are underprepared and drop out. Some will argue that mandated equal funding across the state is not the answer. That higher teacher pay is the answer or year round school is the answer. While these are both valid answers they too can be part of the solution and the reform. Others may argue that if they are to pay property taxes the revenue funds should go towards their immediate communities and not pooled or combined for the entire state. What is good for the state is good for the communities. Everyone benefits when the children, the future of America are educated. In order to begin the process of equal mandated funding

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