Why College Students Drop Out Research Paper

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Why Do Students Drop Out of College?

$22,512 for tuition and fees, $410 a month for rent, $153 a month for a car payment and $90 for insurance… the list goes on and on. These are just some of the things I have to pay as a college student. Because of my major, I have classes from 8am until 10pm Monday through Friday; But I also need to work several jobs in order to pay my bills. So that forces me to work overnights every night of the week, while getting all of my school work done to keep my grades up in order to please my parents – because we all know how that is. But I also want to make friends and have fun while I’m in college as well. So how does one manage to do all of that and not self-destruct?

There are so many reasons why
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This is a reason for high schoolers to drop out all the time, but it’s different for college students. There are an abundance of online classes to take, which makes life a lot easier if you happen to be pregnant. This however does not change the fact that there will be a cost to having the kid or not. Everything costs money and in college, that can break you. So yes, pregnancy can still make college students drop out of school (Tucker).

What’s in between everything? What’s personal? One of the more common reasons people drop out of school is just plain academic struggle. Their classes are too hard, they don’t get enough help, they fall behind, and they feel too much pressure to stay. They don’t want to fail – who does? So in order not to fail, they drop out of school all together and try to find something else to do instead, something to be successful at (Tucker).

In that case, welcome to: How to Not Drop Out of College 101. College students have devised many ‘tricks of the trade’ as to how to survive on a day to day budget as well as how to even have fun in a ridiculously busy schedule. First off, students going to out-of-state colleges (or anywhere that is out of budget) must search for every possible scholarship; Even those $500 ones that many brush aside – they add up (Hicks). Some may even cover the entire $22,512 for West Virginia’s out-of-state by taking full advantage of these scholarship

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