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Hi JKY - Patrick here from Wall Street Oasis, with your next tip for interviewing more effectively...

A few days ago we talked about the showing your skills through stories, and how giving extremely detailed examples was a key to leaving a great impression...

Today we're going to talk about curveball questions and prepare you for some of the most common brainteasers encountered in finance interviews.

First off, it's important to realize WHY the interviewer is asking you this type of question. There are many theories, but usually they fall into one of two categories:

1. They want to see how you react under pressure
2. They want to see how your thought process works and how
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Here is another common one below:

What's 17 squared? What's 18x22?

Again, stop and breathe...this one sounds a lot harder than it actually is. For "tough math" questions, it's all about breaking the questions down into smaller, easier parts. Think 17x10 plus 17x7. Break 17x7 down into 10x7 and 7x7. This gives you 170+70+49, which gives you 289.

Whatever you do, don't panic and practice these types of quetions. Even if you get one of these questions wrong, you can still have a successful interview. Same idea applies to 18x22, break it down. Do 18x20 + 18x2. Easy, 360 + 36=396.

Here's our final common brainteaser for the day:

Two boats are going towards each other at 10 miles per hour. They are 5 miles apart. How long until they hit?

Again, be careful here. The initial instinct is to say half an hour. However, both boats are moving at 10 miles per hour, so they are converging at 20 miles per hour, meaning they will crash in ΒΌ of an hour, or 15 minutes.

That's it for now. But keep an eye out... because in a few days, we'll be revealing our secret weapons to help you continue your journey to interview mastery.

Stay Strong!
Patrick Curtis
Chief Monkey & Founder,

P.S. If you want to jump ahead

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