Comparison Of Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy

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Cancer has many forms of treatment, but the two that are known to most are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs like cytotoxic and others, where as radiation therapy is the use of x-rays or other similar forms of radiation to cure cancer. Arguments can and more than likely always arise that one form of the two treatments is more beneficial and effective than the other. Considering this, the type of treatment that may be used can differ for each type of cancer, just depending on which one is more useful for the particular illness. The two treatment may differ in a few ways but the biggest one can be the side effects of each one. That being said, each treatment has different side effects that can wreak havoc …show more content…
For this, both have their perks when treating a cancer like say breast cancer and both provide their different perks. With all the differences aside, both of the two treatments are magical and it is a blessing to be able to treat a potentially deadly disease and give those affected new life. Studies have been done that show how each of the two can even increase the life expectancy of cancer patients. Although each of the two has its own perks, chemotherapy has a slightly greater effect on the lives of cancer patients than those who must go through radiation therapy. Complications come with a lot thing in life, and that is also true with even treatments in cancer. This includes both chemotherapy and radiation alike. But in these complications there seems to be a treatment that has a clear advantage by offering less problems to deal with than the other. Before that subject matter is dealt with, details on what the treatment actually is might be useful. Firs there is chemotherapy, it is a somewhat effective and useful form of cancer treatment which uses drugs to target and kill cancer cells. The numerous drugs can be either used as single dosage or be combined together to help with …show more content…
Joe Dangor reported the results of a case study that was done on how life expectancy plays out when using chemotherapy after radiation as opposed to radiation by itself in those adults who have low-grade gliomas . Those patients who received the drugs after radiation lived an average of 5.5 years longer than those who did not. All together they determined it was better to add the chemotherapy at the end to boost the lives of all the men and women. The experiment that these people did provides great insight on the ways that each treatment can effect a particular type of cancer. This study can go to prove that the use of chemotherapy can actually boost the performance level of radiation exponentially and provide a greater life for those who are effected by the disease. Even though each has it’s own perks, the two provide a great way to help a person all. But all things considered, this study can bring back the point that chemotherapy has a greater effect on the body than radiation does even considering all of the side effects and complications that come with

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