All About Pediatric Ependymoma Summary

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In the article “All about Pediatric Ependymoma” MD Tamera P. Miller explains pediatric Ependymoma. Her article was very easy to read. Perfect for someone to read if they aren’t very familiar with the tumors. Although this article was very informative it could have been in more detail. In the article “Ependymomas” by MD Kathy Warren who is a pediatric oncologist at the National Cancer Institute, more information is given. She goes into depth not only about the treatment, but she explains the different types of tumors. She also goes into great detail about the grading scale that these tumors are scaled on. Pediatric Ependymomas are currently a huge problem in the cancer society, because they are so popular in young children. Children …show more content…
Warren’s main point in her article is trying to figure out if Chemotherapy and radiation really have all the answers to keep the tumors from recurring. “The role of chemotherapy after surgery or radiation is unclear” (Kathy Warren). There is little evidence showing that chemotherapy actually helps raise the survival rate after surgery. Surgery is the main procedure of removing the tumors, but in some cases there may be some of the tumor that resides after being surgically removed. In this case chemotherapy would be used to check and see if any of the tumor remains. It also destroys any residual cells floating around that may be a threat. Chemotherapy is sometimes used in infants to procrastinate using radiation. Patients treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation have a better chance of not having a recurrence, but it doesn’t always affect survival rate. In the article “All about Pediatric Ependymoma” Dr. Miller explain more facts about the tumors and educating people. She goes into much detail on treating the tumors. Dr. Warren and Dr. Miller are both trying to better educate people on this subject. Dr. Miller goes into much detail on the background of the tumors and educating people on how to treat them. Dr. Warren is more interested on finding out what causes the tumors and figuring out a way to make it easier for health care workers to keep learning more about …show more content…
My Health teacher went through breast cancer and she has been explaining the treatment she went through in class the last couple of days. The same treatment for the breast cancer is used for Ependymomas. She explained things similarly to both articles. She was on the other side though, she truly experience everything. I think listening to patients who have been through the procedures can help us learn more about how we can treat these tumors. Dr. Warren suggested that we treat these patients in clinical studies so we can learn as we treat

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