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Strategy Experience Case Study Assignment

Course: Strategic management

Phase 1
The aim of WRSX is to become a specialist provider in order to improve the competition in the business processing. As a specialist provider, the company can provide more service to the existing customers and attract more new customers for the company. To diversify and move into foreign markets, a variety of considerations ought to be put in place. The company will use tools and techniques to assess foreign markets as well as succeed in creating a huge market share back home. The success of any company will be based on strategic positioning and feasibility study
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and through improving theses elements to keep a suitable environment. Many WRSX client companies, the packaging amount and recycle-ability are becoming a more significant issue year on year.
Western Europe and the US have strict employment laws designed to protect employees. WRSX client companies are transferring their manufacturing concerns outside their geographic areas so as to maintain the labor force numeric flexibility and avert costly employment litigation. On the contrary, it can backfire if employment practices impacting on health and safety or child labor is publicized. It is anticipated that WRSX uses the introduced data protection law to contain the legality of the company by using strict employment laws to protect employees. Protected employees become motivated and increase work efficiency.
Porter’s Five Forces:
If considering Porter’s Five Forces, it owns five parts of it that consist of new entrance threat, buyer power, supplier power, substitute threat and rivalry.
Threat of new entrants
This area is remarkably high and the rate is growing. Many new companies enter this area in order to make a profit. So it owns high competition. Many companies especially in India and china are investing in media and advertising

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