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Marisa Cipolla
Mrs. Fader
Day 2 Block 1
January 29, 2013
All Summer in a Day

1) At the Beginning of the story how did the students feel? Find two details from the story the prove your thought. Explain. All of the children were extremely excited for the sun to come. They knew it only happened once every seven years. The last time almost everyone saw the sun was when they were two years old and don’t remember anything about it or what if felt like, or looked like. They believed the rain would stop and they could finally see the sun.

2) Explain how Margot’s experience of the sun is different from the experience of all of the other children on Venus. Find at least one specific detail to explain. Margot has a different
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“They stood as if someone had driven them, like so many stakes, into the floor....
...They looked at their hands and feet, their faces down.”
None of them felt good about locking her in the closet. They had known how much she missed the sun and wanted to see it, now they knew she missed seeing it because of them. They were really upset at what they had done, and you could probably tell that they wished they hadn’t done it.

5) What does this story suggest about the problems individuals face if there backgrounds or experiences make them different from other people. It shows that if they are different or had different experiences than other people than it makes them as a person different from other people. It makes them different in their personality, it can make them become more kind or make them become a bully. People are supposed to be different, but if one person stands out too much it gives other people the chance to just constantly bully them.

6) Describe. Margot, William and the kids, the tone of the story. Margot is the type of girl who is quiet and keeps to herself a lot. She finds it hard to adapt to the new life she is living, and it every time she seems to get excited she gets brought down by William and the others. Which brings me to the other kids. William you can tell was always kind of jealous of Margot and he believed she never saw the sun, he just didn’t want to admit it. He was angry at her for it, just because he was jealous. When he

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