Essay on World Power And Its Effects On America

1374 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Every day, Americans are harmed by their own government. These harmful events are also causing America’s own downfall in the way of harming civil rights, pumping less money into the economy, and drastically reducing the United States’ hegemony, or world power. The source of these impacts is none other than the Accessed Network Technologies (ANT) Division found under the National Security Agency (NSA). This division specializes in creating different programs that resemble spy gadgets that are used to surveil all over the world, including within America’s own borders. After shutting down the ANT Division, Americans will feel safe again and allies will no longer feel threatened, meaning they will put more money into our economy. In order to solve the issues surround America citizens’ rights, boosting the economy, and helping America’s foreign affairs we must shut down the ANT Division. Years ago, Americans gained access to an amazing gift that would allow all the information in the world to beat their fingertips, the internet. Unfortunately, not everything created for the well intentioned is used for those intentions. Spiegel news states, “It has become clear that the ANT arsenal isn’t used exclusively to track suspected terrorists” (“NSA’s Secret”). In this instance, ANT is using their devices to not only track “terrorists,” but to also track American people, which is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, which states, “The right of the…

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