World Free Of Poverty Possible? Essay

1533 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
World Free of Poverty Possible? A world free of poverty is like a perfect dream come true, but is this dream actually possible for us, I would have to say no to that. I believe that as human beings regardless what country we live in, we have given our individual governments enough power that they now have brainwashed us to think all of the important issues we need to fix require lots of time, money and effort which makes it inconvenient for us all. I also, believe that the issue of poverty is a topic that we think we are educated in and exposed to, however I believe we have not fully educated or exposed ourselves to it as much as we think we have. Lastly we are simply just selfish human beings all around. All of these things in my opinion are what 's keeping us from living a world free of poverty. Something I believe that every country in this world has in common is that all of the citizens in those countries have given each individual government enough power to control their lives. Let 's compare the Somali government to the United States government for example. In Somalia the majority of people are living in poverty. However, the country that most people know as a corrupt country filled with poor people has quite a few rich people with power and the ability to change the conditions if they truly cared. You would think that all of those who are living in poverty would retaliate and demand change from their leaders, but they don’t because they don’t have the power to…

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