International Problems Case Study

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Journal 2
International Problems
ISIS/ Terrorism
Foreign policy
National Problems gun laws police brutality/racism
2016 Election
Domestic violence large college debts
Local problems
Sovereignty public schools/ bad education drug abuse
Personal problems living on my own/living with roommates finding a job picking a major money No nurse aid on campus

1.The first time I noticed there was no nurse aid on campus was when my roommate had an infection in her ear. She was freaking out and getting worked up, so i had to calm her down and walk her to our CA. our CA had said that there was nothing he could do and I rhetorically had to answer my own question of going down to the security office. The worst
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I think one way of dealing with this problem is to have a nursing station. We have many pre-nursing majors and a great program why not give them some training. Another solution could be transportation to the nearest hospital or minute-clinic. There are many security vehicles why wouldn’t there be a way to contact the security to take you to the hospital. Ambulances are expensive and meant for people who really need it. Again a solution would be to have a nurse hotline, so that if you don’t know what to do they can help and give instructions over the phone to you. At the very least I think students should get trained on how they are to deal with certain problems. I obviously live here and can call my parents, but most other international or mainland students can’t just ask their parents to pick them up. The information session should cover, where to go, how to get there, basic first aid tricks, and when to know to call 911. This problem can be solved very …show more content…
I went to a Model UN conference last year to talk about poverty. I got to choose a country and I had chose South Africa. i think that solutions aren’t as easy as we want them to be when it comes to solving poverty. I think the best solution is one that has every nation working on its poverty with help from others. Whether it is international trade, loaning out money to poorer countries. poverty makes up a large percentage of the people in the world, and we can’t just stand by and do nothing because it doesn’t affect only us. The main way to end poverty is through cooperation, time, and restoration. Organizations like Surfing the Nations

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