Essay on Working With The Family Of A Child Who Had A Residency Order

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I was working with the family of a child who was living with the grandparents whom had a residency order. The direct work with the child had been ongoing for approximately 10 months and I was the third worker supporting the child and family. It was agreed by myself and my agency supervisor that the point had been reached to cease involvement with the family as it was felt that the agency was unable to offer any further services. The termination date was planned to coincide with a Team Around The Family Meeting (TAF) which I was due to attend, along with the carers and other professionals involved with the family. My role at the meeting was to inform other agencies of the direct work I had been doing with the child, as well as explain the child’s thoughts, feelings and the progress made. Additionally, I wanted to ensure that the other agencies present were aware that I was due to stop working with the child, so that alternative plans for support for the child and family could be put in place.
Prior to the meeting, I had informed the carers of the decision to cease the support, as well as tried to ease the child through the transition period by reducing visits from weekly to fortnightly. It was felt that the decision to stop support was in the child’s best interests as the child adapted really well to this change and was undeterred by the prospect of not seeing a support worker. However, the caregivers felt differently as they believed that the child still needed…

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