Reflective Essay: The Intro To Social Work

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The road to become a social worker has not been easy. I did not expect this degree to fall out of the sky, but I did know about the added work during the internship. I learned early in the program that it takes patience and perseverance to stay in this program. I will reflect on the courses that has opened my eyes to the diversity in this society. The Intro to Social Work course was wonderful at displaying how the social work foundation got started and the people who stumbled upon social work through the act of kindness by looking beyond themselves to help others. The Policy Course that Mr. Caldwell taught was awesome because this class gave us the ability to design our own government without someone judging our idea. Our team suggested the …show more content…
The courses are great, but we do not exercise enough hands on experience in this field. I believe the way for someone to get the full effect of an accomplishment is do something and be proud of your actions. Mrs. Pullman’s courses gave us a little experience by job shadowing. By shadowing others in this profession gave me a since of hope for the rest of other semesters. After doing this I felt the need to keep on going because I got a glimpse of my prospective future. I was so proud to walk on the floors of the hospital where I work as a future social worker instead of coming to work there in my current position. My coworkers were shocked with curiosity when they saw me out of uniform and walking with a social worker. The social work program is full paper writings and presentations, which allows the real social worker to stand up. This program is comprehensive with a lot of demands about the social work career, but some of the information can be unclear. I find myself asking for clarity on projects after the class leaves, so I want get embarrassed about not understanding the instructions, but I glad my colleagues call me for clarity because they know, I will not leave the classroom until I feel I enough information to produce a good paper or

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