Essay on Working As A For A Restaurant

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Public speaking had always been a struggle for me. Working as a hostess for a restaurant requires taking phone calls and engaging in conversations with customers. Knowing I had to take their order by phone made me a bit anxious at first. It is something scary to do, but it is also very simple with practice. In order to complete a successful phone call order, one has to answer the phone and greet the customer, ask for their contact information and location, take the customer’s order, ask for their payment method, and finally give them their order’s estimated time of arrival or pick up time. The first step in taking an order through phone is to pick up the phone. For me, this was the hardest part. Hearing the phone ring would give me anxiety. Once you answer the phone, you have to greet the customer by saying, “Hi, thank you for calling Chens and Old Crow, how may I help you?” The customer will then ask to place an order. You will ask them if for carry out or delivery. If the customer wishes to place a carryout order, you then tap the ‘carryout’ icon on the computer. If the customer wishes to place a delivery order, you tap on the ‘delivery’ icon. After selecting the customer’s order type, you then ask for their phone number. If they have ordered from us before, will have their address and name associated with their phone number. However, this isn’t always the case. If it is a carryout order, you just ask for their name. For a delivery order, you ask the customer for their…

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