Women 's Gender Discrimination Against Women Essay

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Women in Sports Even though women have gained wide acceptance in the workplace and politics as an equal with men, the field in sports journalism and women’s athletics lacks modern gender equality due to gender discrimination against women. This essay explores the many issues women in sports faces today. Before the 1960s, women in the sports department were rarely seen in the world because sports writing has always been a male-dominated profession. The idea of a women writing about sports was unnatural. When Title IX was put into action in the 1970s, this event opened doors to many women athletes and, as a result more female reporters were reporting on minor sports events. Later on, women began covering major sports events such as professional football, baseball, and basketball. In the working area in sports for women, female journalists are still not given an opportunity and the few women working in this industry and being discriminated against. Writing in the journal “Female Sports Journalist: Are We There Yet? ‘No’, Marie Harden complains that a “survey of 50 high-circulation newspaper sports departments in 2003 showed that women constituted just 13.6 percent of employees, mostly ranks of clerks, copy editors and reporters. A more recent report shows that just 11 percent of employees in the sports department are women” (Hardin 1). In making this comment, Marie Hardin urges us to see that women who want to be in the sports media industry are not given a chance to…

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