The Pros And Cons Of Title IX

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I. Intro
a. There are simply 37 words that changed everything for women in sports.
b. According to Christine Brennan, Title IX reads: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.
c. According to Title IX Legislative Chronology, Title IX is a bill signed by President Nixon that prohibits sex discrimination in any academic program or activity that is funded by the federal government or receives financial aid. (1)
d. As a women’s collegiate athlete, I see the benefits from Title IX every day, as that is why I am able to play college basketball, but some people
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Point #1 (my point and counter point 1&2)
a. First, Title IX grants women equal access to athletics and scholarships. As stated by Brennan, only 294,000 girls in the US competed sports in the 1970s. Since then, almost 3.2 million have participated at a growing percent of 980. (3)
b. And Title IX doesn’t just apply to colleges either as high schools, middle and elementary schools have to comply to the rules as well.
c. But Title IX has changed the atmosphere of college sports mostly, because colleges are forced to make women’s athletic scholarships equal to the number of men’s scholarships given out to athletes.
d. Some may say that men’s sports are now being discriminated against because their programs have to cut teams and reduce the number of scholarships given out, and this is a major reason they think Title IX should be eliminated.
e. Are there flaws in Title IX? Yes. I believe that they should add more girls programs to match with the boys programs and not have to cut the boys programs. Right now there isn’t a solution for that, but all the other things that Title IX has done make up for that.
f. As stated by Erik Brady, the number of male athletes per university in 1981 was 225.8 and has dropped to 213.2 since then, a decrease of only
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On the contrary, the number of female athletes per school was raised from 98.7 to 159.5 a rise of 62%. (2)
h. Some also think that Title IX has done its job and we should abolish it now because it won’t change all the opportunities that girls have already received, But we need Title IX more than ever because statistically boys are receiving more opportunities than girls.
i. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, males are still receiving over $150 million dollars in scholarship money more than women but the great thing Title IX has done is promote women’s athletics and give them almost 60 more scholarships per school.
j. In addition, the fact is Title IX only requires the same percentage of female athletes at a school to be the same as the number of females that go to that school for education. (4)
k. If there’s a 40% female population in the student body, only 40% of the athletes at that school need to be female and vise versa for males, so it really isn’t discriminating against men.
l. Next we will look at how being in sports does more for girls than just make them faster and stronger, it opens up opportunities for them around the globe as well.
III. Point II (my point and counter

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