Title IX: Female Sports Has Changed My Life

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Title IX

Playing on a high school varsity has changed my life. Basketball has shifted Cannon Falls High School incredibly. My first year playing varsity basketball there was 13 girls. This year there is only nine participating. It is a difficult switch, going against the same 9 girls every day at practice, knowing their moves, it gets boring. All the girls make playing enjoyable and each person gives out the urge to go on. Feeling how women did before Title IX, with so little number I am thankful for what I have. Title IX has empowered women in many ways. Seeing, the attention women got, the characteristics, the changes in high school and college, and the effects of Title IX, it is clear how life has changed.
Female athletes that played
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However, the effect on women coaching was negative. In 1972, female coaches had more than 90 percent of the jobs. Opposing to now, which they hold 43 percent. (Fuller para 9) Women coaching has taken a toll on Title IX, dropping the percentage of female coaches. Women coaching men have dropped to about none. 300 women nationwide, percentage less than 2. (Hunsinger) Women stopped coaching because Title IX made women change perspectives in life. At Indiana’s 10 Division 1 schools, they have no women coaches that coach men. In contrary, women coaching women at these schools have 31 female coaches. That is nearly 32% from the 96 teams. (Hunsinger) Participating in low numbered high school sports, these women that coach, now can get a feel for having more than nine or ten participants on one team. Long-term effects for women coaching are the main reasons why women coaching has dropped. Playing sports in high school or college made you more confident and independent. (Clarke) With the confidence females have gained, they were offered occupations that are male-dominated, which have a higher pay rate than female-dominated jobs. With the pride the women have obtained from Title IX, they started changing important life

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