Should College Athletes Have To Play In The League Essay

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Athletes needing a Bachelor 's Degree to play in the league
Why should college athletes be required to have bachelor’s degree in order to play in the league? In the United States today their is a debate about whether or not college athletes are required to get a bachlors in order to play in the league. Although some people believe that college athletes don 't need a bachelor’s degree to play in the league because it uses up money and less people might play, but it makes smarter player’s in business, also athletes have something to fall back on if they get injured and/or cut from the team, also graduation rates of a athletes are a huge issue for colleges. In the United States, their is an argument about college athletes needing a bachelor
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Though this may be true in some aspects, the money is going to good use. The scholarship which is provided to the athlete is being put to good use by keeping the athlete in college to get a better education of which will help them in the future. The time is being used to make a both physically and mentally strong player. With the amount of patience a well performing player formed. In addition this makes for a more smarter athlete in business. By having more knowledge in business they will make more money. Also the player will have better decision making skills. Better decisions end with better results. The athlete will have less financial mistakes when signing with sponsors. Another thing is how the athletes finance affects them. Finance is what will make or break an athlete. By athletes not having good financial knowledge or advice it will lead them to disaster. With smarter athletes it would be easier to balance their life and money while they are off the field. Knowledge is what most athletes need in order to be even more successful in their career. Also their is a less chance of a financial crisis. By the athlete knowing more, having better decision making and also knowing what not to do they will have a lesser chance of having a financial crisis and possibly going bankrupt. In addition the as quoted by Frank Clark- “The more you learn the more you earn”. This quote means …show more content…
In most division one schools the amount of athletes that graduated are far less then the students in general. One reason for this is that most athletes don 't graduate from the college they are attending is because they get drafted into the league. Due to this happening it considers the athlete a college dropout. Also by this happening it makes the schools themselves look bad as a whole, because people look at graduation rate to see which has the highest in order to know that they have a better chance of getting their degree, as well as a good education. College athletes also dropout of college due their academic performance. This is caused by the student not being able to balance their school work as well as their practice. Not being able to balance these two things is what holds and have held some from going pro, and also getting their desired degree. In addition to the graduation ratings, female athletes have a higher graduation rating the male athletes. As studies have shown most of female athletes care more for their education and strive more toward getting their degree. Reason for this is because their are far more less professional athletic sports for women. By female athletes graduating with their degree they have a more secured future of they don 't make it into a professional league. Athletes that graduate make the college they

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